Sunday, February 17, 2013

R Bar

I had my ups and downs with this place. I like this place because it's nearby and had no cover and no dress code.

For some reason every time I come here I find condoms on the floor at the bar. It was a whole bunch of them too. o_0

Coat check was $2 so it's good to check in since you couldn't really hold your jackets around. They wouldn't let you enter the back end of the room if you had a jacket on which sucks. Not like there is anything special back there anyways. I love the idea of the stripper poles, but don't get to fancy with it because it looks like it can break any minute. (***)

The bartender had a heavy hand so drinks here are worth it. Order the long island since they give you the large cups they pour beer in. They have this R Bar shot which was $5 and it taste surprisingly good. Order a few rounds of that and I think I'll be good for the night. (****)

Music was right in between. They had pop music going on and all of a sudden they would switch it up to music i never even heard of. DJ gotta play the music right because people were dancing one minute and they would stand around the next minute. (**)

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Hide-Chan Ramen

Reviews: I give this a 3 star. This restaurant is located upstairs so when you wait for seats, you'll have to wait in the stairwell. It was rated on zaget as of the best ramens in NYC so I thought I'll give this a try. The soup base was a bit salty and oily. It's great that you get to choose the firmness of your noodle. The setting of the place was very casual, but service wasn't the best because the waiters expect you to order a lot.

The beginning


As mid-life crisis kick in for me, I really want to do something in my life that's meaningful and worth living for. My friend once told me "don't try to get out of mid-life crisis, just live it." I took a step back and looked at what made me happy in life and discovered that what I do most in life is travel and eat. It changed me as a whole and made me grew into the person I am today.